At this Retreat, you will have an opportunity

to listen to the voice of transformation;

to smell the alluring scent of serenity;

and pay attention to the song your heart has been singing.

This is an opportunity for you to Reawaken The Divine Woman Within.

No one person has ever escaped either the beauty or difficulties of life.


You too have been there. Maybe you are experiencing it at the moment. A disconnection. A debilitating fear holding you back from life. Feeling isolated, believing you have lost yourself, time, purpose.

You may even feel that you don’t know yourself anymore.  There may be times that you feel you don’t belong and no matter what you do, you are not seen, heard, or understood.  You may feel exhausted, empty, lonely.


Our lives are thrown off balance when we turn away from ourselves, from nature and from the life that is available to us. We don’t do this on purpose, mostly we just try to survive, and in the process, we abandon our true essence.

Having strayed from and reawakened to our essence ourselves, we would love to share with you what we have discovered on our paths and how we walked through a few doors which showed us the way back to our essence.

Why should you come to this retreat?


What can you expect if you accept the invitation to the retreat?

  • Awaken to a greater version of yourself.

  • Connect with nature at a beautiful, tranquil setting.

  • Time out.  No obligations.  No commitments.

  • Rediscover, reconnect and celebrate yourself.

  • Be reminded that you have a voice.

  • Takeaway approaches and techniques to incorporate in your everyday life. 

  • Discover ways to live life in awe of everyday moments, find a connection with nature, appreciate stillness, and open your heart. 

  • Meet other soulful, divine women.

R1200 per person

Includes an invaluable opportunity to reconnect with yourself  |  meet and connect with other beautiful woman  |  wisdoms from our hosts  |  content  |  retreat material  |  refreshments made with love  |  coffee, tea  |  water  |  a hearty lunch.


8h30 - 17h00


Lean into the day

An invitation to my reawakening


The path

Accept the challenges I will encounter. Stop. My reflection in the water. Reenergize.


Turn towards harmony

Mindful Movement


Listen to the voice of your heart

* Slight changes may be expected to the above programme