We are two sisters; our hearts are filled with passion.
Inspired and motivated by our experiences and awakenings.

Called by the whispers of our souls to help woman transform their lives.
Mindful, soulful.


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
Anais Nin

Erika Verwey

I am a soulful woman who lives and feels deeply. 


Through my experiences I have learned invaluable lessons but also designed and discovered practical, mindful, and meaningful practices to incorporate into our demanding lives. 

God has bestowed upon me unique talents and I look forward to contributing to your life as I impart my learnings, experiences, and significant growth. 


I was challenged and transformed through many unexpected experiences throughout my life, and food attracted particular focus on my life.  Both passion and pain lead me to obtain a Nutritional Therapist certification.  Food is an essential part of life.  It could be meaningful or painful depending on our circumstances and how we think about it.  


I look forward to helping you discover ways to renew your relationship with food and life.

Leonie Fourie

But more importantly, I am a human being who fell, got up, got knocked down and learned to rise again and again, just like you. 

I have been ignoring the whispers of my heart and soul for a very long time. Then finally there was a breakthrough. This opened a door of possibilities for me to see, experience and live life differently, in simple but profound ways. 

Consequently, it was impressed upon my heart to contribute to other women's lives, by supporting, encouraging, and bearing witness to the divine beings we are. 

A Transformational Coach by profession with a background in Psychology and Human Resources. 


The events we offer were born of having faced and survived many dark nights of the soul. 

Like the phoenix rose from the ashes, we have done so too.

Was it not for these dark nights, we would not have derived the immense value, renewed awakenings and gratitude for what is available to us in life. 

In the quest for answers to our questions, we found a life filled with purpose,

contentment and freedom.

Having walked the path of healing, discovery, and reawakening ourselves,

we are now responding to the calling and passion to guide other women on their own paths to reclaim the essence of who they are. 

Our events present you with possibilities and options to create a life in alignment with your true essence

while learning to embrace mindful practices into your everyday life. 

We honour each and every woman’s deep desire to return to herself and live life with

gratitude, love, and kindness. 

We are therefore stepping into this moment and space

and look forward to meeting you with compassion, love, and acceptance.